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What to Expect from our 2022 Fleeces...

Details about this year's fleeces.

We did things a little different this year and the sheep spent the winter grazing and being fed with the cows. If their fleeces could talk, I think they would say the really liked that arrangement. I am very happy with the grades, staple lengths and over all cleanness. Our sheep do not wear jackets so you will find VM in every fleece. We work really hard to keep the vm as low as possible. You will also find second cuts in every fleece. My shearers do try to keep those as minimal as possible, but they do happen.

I base all my pricing off of the wool market, grade and over all fleece, and try and make sure there is a fleece for every price range. We skirt all the fleeces once at shearing and check every fleece for soundness multiple places and times.

Below is a short video showing you exactly what to expect from this year's fleeces.

Fleeces shown are #2104, #992 (colored fleece), #1520

Preview is up on the webstore now, Sale will be live Thursday February 17, 2022 6pm (mst)

I hope you find this helpful!

And as always please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy shopping!


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