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“When you wrap yourself in a scarf made with handspun yarn, you can trace each stitch the knitter made.  This connects you to the knitter through his or her work, just as the knitter is connected to the spinner through theirs.  The yarn passed through the knitter’s fingers just as it passed through the hand of the spinner; the fiber passed through the hand of spinner just as it passed through the hand of the person who dyed it, and so on the hand of the person who raised the animal, sheared it and washed it"……                                                   Written in Interwined by Lexi Boeger

More about the Artist ~

Kami is a fifth generation rancher who raises Targhee Rambouillet Sheep in the shadows of the Tobacco Root Mountains in Southwest Montana.  She is a self taught fiber artist.  Spinner ~ Dyer and Knitter

Tobacco Root Valley Yarn

Made with our Targhee Rambouillet wool that is raised and processed right here in the valley.  

The Tobacco Root Mountains over look the Whitehall Valley.  Our yarn colors are inspired by all the beautiful streams, plants and rivers that the valley holds.

We offer 16 colors 

Sumac, Larkspur, Madison, Rye, Fir, Cone, Chokecherry, Fall Ash, Natural White, Big Sky, Sage, Granite, Bitterroot, Plum, Pine, Juniper

In 2 different weights

DK, and Fingering

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Ranching Tradition Fiber for all your fiber art supplies, raised, and sold right here.  All of our items have their own personality and can not be reproduced. We offer everything from Raw Fleeces to finish gifts.  Take a look around and please let us know if you have any questions.

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