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Weekly Update ~

Winter for a day? Weather here in Montana can be so crazy this time of year. We go from highs/lows of 89*/49* to 53*/26* the very next day. Call me crazy but I am ready for cooler weather, some much needed moisture and shorter days. Shorter days mean less daylight hours to work outside and enjoy more fiber time for me...

The apple trees are hanging low with the abundance of apples. I am hoping to start processing some to enjoy all winter. I like to freeze some to use in pies or other baked goods, canning apple sauce, drying for yummy snacks, also pressing and freezing fresh apple juice is the best.

What is your favorite thing to do with your fall harvest?


Studio Update~

This weeks in the studio was about

~dyeing my new fingering weight yarn in all 11 of the Tobacco Root Valley yarn colorways.

~ spending a little time playing on our little loom. ~Carding batts is how I finished the week.

Did you know I open the studio to customers wanting to come do some in person shopping? You just have to contact me and make an appointment.


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