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Finding the "Perfect" Wheel and How to maintain it...

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Sharing things I have learned about spinning is something I love to do. I am NOT a official teacher! I am a self taught spinner and love to just share the tips and tricks I have learned. I have been spinning for about 14 years. My first wheel and still one of my favorites is the Ashford Traditional. I have gathered many wheels in 14 years. You can find pictures of my wheels below.

I hope you find all the links helpful and please if you have have any questions about your wheels or need spinning help just let me know... If I don't know the answers I bet I can direct you to someone who might....

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Finding the "perfect" wheel. My perfect wheel may not be your perfect wheel. Trying different wheels is so important but sometimes can be tough to do depending on your location.

Things to think about when shopping for a wheel.

  1. Do you have long legs, short legs but long body? We are all built differently making wheel fit us all a little different....

  2. Do you want a wheel to spin just one type of yarn (Art Yarn? or Lace Weight?) or do you want to spin lots of different types?

  3. Do you have a set budget ?

Things to watch for. Not all used wheels listed online are workable wheels, for many years they made wheels for decoration so do your research before purchasing a used wheel. Used wheels can be great, look for ones that still have parts available. Meaning you can still find replacement bobbins, or simple replacement parts. Antique wheels are great also as long as you know what you are getting into and have a resource for fixing and building replacement bobbins for you...

Those are just a few things to think about while looking for your perfect wheel.

Finding wheels to try...

  1. Do a google search for fiber guilds in your area...

  2. Look for Fiber Festivals in your area...

  3. Visit your local yarn shop and ask if they know of any spinners in the area.

I am always opened to helping people find the perfect wheel. If you are interested in trying the different wheels I have please just message me to set up a time...

Spin Off Magazine is one of my favorite places to visit!

Maintaining your wheel is so important.... Check out the articles linked below..




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