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Learning to Spin

Now that you have a working wheel it is time to start spinning...

I was lucky to have a friend teach me that the yarn doesn’t have to be perfect… As long as it stays together it’s a yarn…. Once you get to the point of spinning any type of yarn you desire that is what makes the ”perfect” yarn.

Where should you start as a new spinner?

Treadle Treadle Treadle… Stop, Go, and switch direction.

Do this with no fiber… Then add just yarn so you can see what the tension feels like while treadling. Next try adding fiber…

What is the best fiber to start with?

Everyone has an opinion on this. Everyone has their favorites…. Most use whatever they have easily available. Some prefer a roving some prefer a combed top. I think you just have to find what works best for you…

I always recommend something with a longer staple. Why and what does that mean?

Staple is the length of wool or fiber that the animals grow. Some grow longer wool some shorter

How to figure out what the staple length of you roving or top- If you grab your roving length wise in both hands and pull gently, this will show how long your staple length.

How does knowing your staple length help with spinning? Knowing this will help you understand how close you will have to keep your hands during the drafting and spinning process.

Here are a couple of links that you may find helpful…

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