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Have you ever wanted to own a fiber sheep?

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Starting our journey into naturally colored sheep

We have been raising our own sheep for 18 years. Through the years we have learned so much about raising a great lamb for multipurpose (meat and fiber) ... Being a fiber artist, I am always looking for different grades of softness with a nice staple length.

In 2020 we were able to add some pure Rambouillet natural-colored ewes to our group, along with a Targhee Rambouillet cross natural colored buck. We were excited to start a new line of pure and crossed colored sheep. Lambing season came and the fun began. We got some nice pure Rambouillets and some nice Targhee Rambouillet crosses.

​Unfortunately, 2021 bought us a mild winter and little to no rain fall and record-breaking hot temperatures. Which in turn put us in drought conditions, luckily, we manage our ground well to be able to handle a year like this. Multi years in a row is going to be tougher. Even with grass available to feed the critters through our dry spring and summer, hay is coming off the fields at way less rate then needed. With hay prices higher than most ranchers can afford. It’s time to start thinking through our herds. Time will tell what we will do with the sheep. But no worries they are going to stick around, and I will be continuing doing what I love. But they will have to earn their keep. With all that being said I have a few naturally colored wethers (castrated buck) and one ram lamb for sale. Instead of running them through the sale ring I would love to see them go to a fiber farm that could enjoy their fleeces for years to come.

Below you will find information on each boy we have for sale. They are located in Whitehall Montana. To purchase you must be able to picked up, no transport available.

This one we call our "Big Guy"... He has a beautiful strong build, wide back and long legs. He was born as a single on March 31, 2021. His mom is a pure Rambouillet with a natural dark brown colored fleece. Last spring was the first year we had her shown sense arrived at our ranch. Her fleece had a 3 1/4" staple 26.7 micron and 76.7 % comfort factor. His dad is a pure Rambouillet who grows an awesome fleece every year 4+" staple with a 19 micron. This wether has the potential on having an awesome fleece any handspinner would love! We are asking $500 (obo) for him..

This is our Targhee Rambouillet Grey Wether. He is one I am most excited about and really want to see what his fleece does through the years. He was born as a twin on April 1st. His mom is #1628 name Jess, she is a Targhee Rambouillet cross. She grows a nice white fleece with a 3 3/4" staple and 22 micron. Dad is our new naturally colored Targhee Rambouillet buck. His first fleece shown was his natural brown lambs fleece with a 3 1/2" staple and 22 micron. His fleece has the potential on being a beautiful Grey or White fleece for any fiber artist. We are asking $500 (obo) for him...

This is our Pure Rambouillet black wether. He was born April 4th as a single. His mom is a pure natural colored Rambouillet, her fleece had a 26 micron with 3 1/4" staple. The dad was a white Rambouillet with a 4"+ staple and 19 micron.

We are asking $500 (obo) for him..

This guy is a Pure Rambouillet Ram lamb. He was born a twin on March 26, 2021. His mom is a pure natural colored Rambouillet. Her fleece was a 23 micron with a 3 1/2" staple. His dad was a pure white Rambouillet with a 4"+ staple and 19 micron. He has the potential to become a great fiber ram to help your fiber herd grow, along with growing an amazing fleece every year.

We are asking $800 (obo) for him...

If you have any questions or if you are interested in purchasing one of the above lambs contact me...

If you would like to be the one of the first to know about sheep we have for sale in the future please subscribe below.

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