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All About Color ~Yellow vs Gold

I love to continue learning... Being a dyer I kept running into issues when I was trying to get a certain color that had a mixture of yellow. Every time it was just a little off from my goal.. After a few failed attempts of adjusting amounts of yellow, I reached out to my favorite dye teacher Peggy Doney with The 100th Sheep and she was always telling me to think Gold, little more orange... A light when off I need RED! So that is how I was fixing my problems.

This Fall I decide to order so Gold dye and do a study of Yellow vs Gold...

Below you can see the difference

Yellow is on top in the balls of yarn and Gold is the skeins... You see the difference?

The gold to me is a warmer and deeper yellow. All the colors I was trying to create this summer needed more warmth... Oh how I love learning...

Watch for my next blog post about testing Blue and Yellow vs Blue and Gold...

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