• Kami Noyes

All about 3 colors

My dyeing journey continues. Taking 3 colors to create 6.

Using my own Tobacco Root Valley Colorways. As my 3 colors I started with Madison, Rye and Sumac

My bases were yarn, roving and top. My dyeing methods were, Handpainting and Pot dyeing. You can get so many variations with just 3 colors and 2 methods.

I started by thinking Gradient dyeing. Transitioning from one color to the next with pre-mixing the dyes. Giving me more control of the colors.

Knitting a sample is always a must for me when testing a new color.

I wasn't happy with the lack of depth in the larger skein.

Next, I took the same 3 colors using Targhee Top and DK weight yarn, this time I did all the dyeing in a pot. I fill the pot 1/4 (ish) of the way up with my main color, just enough that the fiber or yarn stays half under water and 1/2 above the water. The bottom 1/2 I used Madison, then on the top I split (visually) into quarters. 1st quarter Rye, 2nd quarter Sumac overlaying a little of both.

The depth was more what I wanted. Next, I knitted and spun samples.

The limits are endless. Please let me know what you think and which colors you like best

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