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Temperature Blankets

Have you heard of the Temperature Blankets? I keep seeing people talk about them and decided to start looking into them. The basic idea is you pick your yarn colors, with those colors decide on a range of temperatures each color will represent. Then you crochet or knit on the blanket everyday based off of the temperature for that day.

I decided to do my blanket using my Tobacco Root Valley Yarn in the 13 colors. I am going to use up my stash from sample making, mostly DK weight. The fun part to me was choose the year to base the pattern off of. I know right! You can choose WHATEVER YEAR you want. I just knew the way my life is I would forget to keep track of temperatures then get frustrated. So, I am thinking either I will base it off of the year I was born or maybe I could do 100 years ago to compare this year's temperatures to what they were 100 years ago. This could be fun for this ranch girl ;). I saw a few other fun ideas. You could base it off of birth years of your children or grandchildren, or maybe an anniversary gift based off of the year of marriage. So many options.

Thinking this will be a great crochet project to have ready for lambing season. I always love winding my day down by spinning / knitting / crocheting, but during that time of year it has to be a mindless project. I am not going to follow a pattern just crochet one row at a time. I will be making myself a color chart to follow along with temperatures recorded for that day.

Now to start researching temperatures records....

Are you making a temperature blanket? We would love to hear more about it...

Helpful Links

I have found if I want to find weather records past a certain date in my area, I will have to start looking through old newspaper records.

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