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Set your 2019 Business Goals

  • Look over all your Policies and Terms

- Are all your documents up to date?

- Do you have your wholesale terms ready to send next time your asked if you sell wholesale?

- Are your prices changing in 2019? Is you price list updated?

Make sure all documents and online source list the updated versions and are consistent with each other.

  • Clean and Organize your Workspace

Consider doing a quick inventory while you clean. Make a list of supplies you should reorder. Destash things you haven’t used and won’t use again.

  • Set yourself a Schedule


- Production 3 hours a day or once a week

- Promoting your business online once a day or once a week

- Answering email every morning or as soon as they come in.

- Mailing orders once a day or 3 times a week

- Creative time just for you

  • Expand your Market

- Do you use all the multi-media available to you? (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etsy, Website, Ravelry)

- Do you have an established emailing list?

- Do you send out weekly or monthly newsletters?

- Join your local fiber group, or better yet start a group. Visit your local yarn/ fiber shop tell them about you and your business while shopping. You support them they support you!

  • Network

Chat and Visit with your fellow artist. Facebook, Instagram, and Ravelry are great places to start. Tell your story, ask questions, ext.…

  • Take a Break

Owning a business can be draining. So take a break once in a while, take walks, read, spin or knit for yourself. Catch up on other parts of your life. Don’t burn yourself out forcing creativity is never a good thing.

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