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Ranching Tradition Fiber

We have everything a Fiber Artist needs, Raw Wool, Dyed or Undyed Fiber, Spinning and Carding Equipment, Fiber Wash, Yarns and Dyeing Supplies.

Wool Pellets by Ranching Tradition Fiber

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Product Details

This listing is for 1 lbs. (same as 1 Quart)

(Larger amounts available upon request)

No Fillers or binders

Made with 100% Natural Waste Wool

Used for Soil Amending

What is a wool pellet?

A wool pellet is waste wool that has been compressed into a pellet. Wool pellets are used as a natural fertilizer for your gardens, indoor or outdoor plants, trees or hay fields.

What is waste wool?

There are multiple forms of waste wool. Wool sheared from the sheep that is considered waste is belly wool, wool heavy with organic matter or manure. There are also fleeces that can be considered waste wool for different reasons, too short of staple, break in the staple, or just too course.

Benefits of wool pellets?

  • Reduced Grow time for vegetables
  • Water savings up to 20-25% conservation
  • Softens hard clay soils.
  • Pest Control
  • Helps increase economic stability for Ag producers by adding value to a waste product.
  • Natural Slow-Release Fertilizer
  • Feeds plants up to 6 months.

How do you use wool pellets?

Wool pellets can be used in potted plants, gardens or fields.

  • Potted Plants - Use 1/2 cup of pellets for 1 gallon of soil.
  • Gardens - Sprinkle around existing plants and push or work into soil.
  • Fields - Till or work into the soil to a 1-4" depth.

Nitrogen (total) – 10.96%

Phosphate (P205) - .14%

Potash (K20) – 3.65%

Potassium (soluble as K20/Potash) – 2.72%

Sulfur (total) – 2.28%

Magnesium (total) - .14%

Sodium (total) - .16%

Iron (total) – 1010 ppm

Calcium (total) - .62%

Manganese (total) – 355 ppm

Zink (total) – 234

Copper (total) - <20. ppm

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