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Kami is a fifth generation rancher who raises Targhee Rambouillet Sheep in the shadows of the Tobacco Root Mountains in Southwest Montana.  She is a self taught fiber artist.  Spinner ~ Dyer and Knitter


Raw Targhee Rambouillet Ewe Fleece #1415 "Ariel"

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Raw Targhee Rambouillet Ewe Fleece


Color - White

Staple - 3"

Weight - 5 lbs (approx)

Micron - 20.8

Spin Count - 64

Comfort Factor -94.2%

All fleece do contain some VM, Dirt and some second cuts

Our sheep do not wear jackets the fleeces will contain some VM but we do our best to keep as much out as possible. All fleeces were skirted, and checked for soundness and breaks. These fleeces were raised by Kami / Ranching Tradition Fiber Freshly shorn January 30 2021, MSU Wool Lab tested all our fleeces

Micron - is the measurement of the fiber's diameter of the sample I sent to MSU. Helps determine the wools end-use. So the lower the number the finer the fiber. Spin Count - Quoted from the book "In sheep's Clothing" This system originated in the worsted industry in Bradford England, and is sometimes referred to as the Bradford count, or spinning count. It is based on the maximum number of skeins each 560 yards long that can be spun from one pound of combed top. The higher the quality number, the finer the fleece - a 36s fleece is quite coarse and a 80s is very fine. Taking a 80s Merino as an example, this system implies that it is possible to spin 80 skeins, each 560 yards long, from one pound of prepared fleece. In reality, however it is most unusual to spin to the maximum count of the wool. CF: Comfort Factor is the percentage (%) of fibers equal to or less than 30 microns. The percentage of fiber greater than 30 microns (“prickle”). This data is of interest because it shows the coarse edge that determines the final use of the fiber. Fabric from wool with 95 % or more of the fibers 30 microns or less will not be scratchy.

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