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What a better reason to start using a natural fertilizer then this?

Found this article interesting and thought we would share. What better reason to use start using natural fertilizer then this!

For at least the past decade, “a growing number of peer-reviewed medical studies have linked exposure to nitrates in drinking water to elevated incidences of cancer,” The New Lede (TNL) reported last September.

As the environmental news service clearly states, this news isn’t exactly news.

For years, researchers, public health officials, and environmental watchdog groups have been warning local leaders and state lawmakers that Big Ag’s growing dependency on chemical “crop science” and CAFO-based livestock and poultry production was increasing nitrate levels in both rural and urban wells to health-impacting levels.

Warning after warning, however, went unheeded despite huge increases in nitrogen – and, in turn, nitrate pollution – across corn and livestock country. According to the USDA, “…nitrogen applied to corn has increased 120 million pounds annually since 2000,” TNL noted, while “the amount of nitrogen-rich and untreated liquid and solid manure […] most of it in the Midwest […] grew to 1.4 billion tons by 2018…”

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