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The Adventure of sweater knitting… Part 2

My fifth sweater, was a super fun bottom-up. I made my own colorwork with it by knitting with 2 yarns in different colors, keeping one constant and changing the other . I did my swatching to determine my cast on stitches. I enjoy this sweater a lot. But defiantly learned more about the ease factor, and the sleeve tapering.

Pattern ~ Autumn League Pullover by Two of Wands , Yarn, #1 a stashed yarn, #2 Tobacco Root Valley Yarn in colors Sage, Cone and Fir

My sixth sweater was a top down with my own colorwork striping. This one so far is the best fitting sweater I have made. Things I would like to learn to do differently is the neck lines and the arm attaching.

Pattern ~ Flax by Tin Can Knits Yarn ~ Tobacco Root Valley yarns, in misdyed and Slate, Larkspur and Madison

Next up is a mid-sleeve bottom up colorwork, with fringe! I am so excited to spend more time this winter on the sweater.

Pattern ~ Gully by Berroco, Inc. . Yarn ~ Tobacco Root Valley by Ranching Tradition Fiber in colors Slate, Rye and Sumac (Slate is discontinued )

I hope these blog post will encourage everyone to continue learning and not be scared to jump right in and start knitting sweaters...

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