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Benefits of Wool

Most of us here know wool has a lot of benefits. Such as when we wear wool, we stay warm, wool doesn’t hold odors, it is very durable and breathable. It is also fire retardant as wool doesn’t readily catch fire and will not carry a flame. Wool is very durable a single fiber can be bent 20,000 times without breaking and still have the power to recover and return to its natural shape. This reduces the need to replace garments, and top-quality wool products stay looking good for longer. Another amazing quality of wool is its active reaction to changes in one's body temperatures to keep you warm when you’re cold but releasing heat and moisture when you’re hot.

Wool is natural and renewable resource, and biodegradable.

Here are some less known facts about wool. It has a naturally high UV protections, which is much higher them most synthetics and cotton. Wool can insulate the home providing and retaining warmth which reduces energy costs. Wool does not grow mold. It is anti-static and is resistant to wrinkles, so no ironing needed. Wool can be used to amend your soils as a natural slow-release fertilizer. Wool retains 20 times its weight in water. Adding wool to your gardens and plants helps conserve up to 20-25% of water. Wool can also use as a pest control in your gardens.

After learning all the benefits of wool a person should have more in there lives…

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