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Benefits of using Wool Pellets in your Garden

Here in our area of Montana most people have to wait until after Memorial Day to plant their gardens. Some do it earlier, by either covering plants throughout May’s cold nights or start in a green house. Starting plants is something I have done in the past it is always nice to play in soil during the cold spring days. I have started to notice a lot of people talking about starting plants in soil blocks instead of containers. Here is what a quick google search I found explaining Soil blocking.


“Soil blocking is a seed-starting technique that begins with making soil blocks. Seeds are planted in these blocks, which sprout and grow. Then, starts are planted directly in the garden when they’re mature enough, or planted in containers to mature longer before out planting.”

We had one of customers use our Wool Pellets in her soil blocks.  Here is what she shared with us. If you look closely at the picture, you will see 2 plastic trays and the rest are soil blocks. The trays were planted about a week and half later, with just soil no wool pellets, she used wool pellets in all of the soil blocks.

I would say the picture shows wool pellets work!



Wool Pellets have been proven to help your garden thrive


“Greenhouses could bring organic tomatoes from seed to market-ready in about 76 days, but with wool pellets and their Nitrogen punch, you could bring tomatoes market-ready in as little as 38 days!”


“Trials conducted with three Vermont vegetable farms in 2019 indicated that wool pellets may, in some ways, have superior qualities to the commonly used peanut meal or compost.  Wool’s hygroscopic quality means an ability to ameliorate climate/weather extremes that contribute to excessive or limited soil moisture content because it can absorb, hold and release moisture as well as nutrients, over time.”


"The water will cause the pellets to expand and form a solid mat around the plants. Slugs and snails find the fibres of the wool very unpleasant to crawl over and will quickly turn back."

 How many Wool Pellets do I need for my garden?


Potted Plants - Use 1/2 cup of pellets for 1 gallon of soil.

1 lb. coverage is approximately 30 square feet


Happy Gardening!



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