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Would you like to learn to spin?

Do you have a wheel or wish you had a wheel? Would you love to start spinning your fiber into beautiful yarns? Well here are some things to get you started.

If you don’t own a wheel yet…

  • Try different types of wheels … (I always recommend Ashford’s Kiwi as an affordable wheel to get started). Try finding a local guild or a shop where you can try different types of wheels. Each person is built different making each wheel fit different.

If you own a wheel…..

  • The best place to start is by oiling everything (the wood and any moving parts). Then go through and make sure every bolt, or screw is tight.

  • Check that your drive band is in good working order.

  • Make sure you have a (2-3’) lead yarn tied onto you bobbin.

Next start treadling.

  • Treadle Clock ways keep practicing until you can start, stop and control your speed. Once you have clock ways masters practice counter clock wise start, stop and controlling your speed.


  • Everyone has a fiber that works best for them. So try lots of different types. I recommend a long stapled roving. Combed top can be hard for some.

  • Pre drafting can also help when you are first learning to spin.

Here is YouTube Video you may find helpful.

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