2020 Workshops and their Teachers

How to register for a workshop ~ Look through all the classes below, click on register now below the class(es) you are interested in taking.  Complete the check out processes include a note with your Name, Mailing address, Email and Phone number.  If you have any questions or would prefer to register by mail just contact us.  Thank you!  Kami and Betty


Christy Lynn Greene ~ Christy Lynn Greene lives in Montana, where the natural world inspires her silk painting. Initially, her creativity was encouraged by her mother, also an artist. She was involved in her local art center as a child, in all mediums, but gravitated to watercolor painting and onto her current passion, silk painting. She has studied with Master Silk Painter's Karen Sistek and Susan Louise Moyers, expanding her own style and technique. She graduated from the University of Montana in Missoula, USA, where she has lived for most of her life. Christy has exhibited in various shows and received commissions throughout North America, Greece, England and the Middle East. She has received the honors award at the Silk Painters International Festival, 2016 and the internationally acclaimed designation of Master Silk Painter in 2018. In addition, she was voted “Best of 2018” – Artist Category , Missoula, MT. She is the current President of the Silk Painter’s Guild of Montana and an Executive Board Member of Silk Painter’s International, more commonly known as “SPIN”. Christy is also known for her unique line of silk wares – hand painted clothing, inspired by her extensive travels throughout the world. She enjoys sharing her works with you and welcomes an opportunity to create art just for you.

Silk Painting, Serti Technique.

 6 hour workshop Sunday July 19, 2020. 9:00am- 3:00pm,

Learn to paint on silk and complete a 16"x20" painting or silk scarf. You will stretch your silk, draw and plan your design, apply resists and paint with silk paints and brushes. You will experience the magic of a fun- flowing "serti" technique, (meaning the use of a water based resist or gutta to create a line or shape to hold your paint within, resulting in a work of art vibrant in color and full of movement). Patterns to use will be provided or you may bring your own to use for class.

Skill Levels – Beginner / No experience is needed

What do I need to bring to the class? A pattern or design you wish to paint, we will draw this on paper in class. Hair dryer.

What will the instructor provide? - Silk paints, brushes, stretcher frames, design patterns, silk, pencils, markers, irons. 

Class / Material Fee –  $120

Peggy Doney has always been fascinated with color since her first box of crayons. After 20 years of homeschooling, she wondered what to do with all of the left-over chemistry equipment. The answer came after taking a spinning class with a neighbor. Now she enjoys spinning, knitting, silk fusion, and dyeing. For many years, she has been discovering color recipes using triad studies. These studies allow exploration in hue as well as value and support Peggy’s special interest in making accurate recipes that are starting points for matching colors in nature. The yarns Peggy creates celebrate the texture and luster of a wide variety of natural and synthetic fibers and gives a medium to combine those textures with the color she loves. Peggy’s skill with the dye pot led to a stint as one of the regular dyers for Treenway Silks. If there is anything that Peggy enjoys as much as creating with fiber and color it’s sharing that passion with others. From an annual fiber-arts gathering in her back yard to teaching workshops for guilds and at festivals like the Taos Wool Festival to one-on-one sharing, she likes to pass on her excitement for fiber and color. Peggy knows all the dyeing jokes, has a herd of wheels and dye pots, and now uses her big box of crayons as a reference material. She makes her home in Colorado Springs with her fiber-enabler husband, Jeff, and two undyed white dogs.

A ColorFull Introduction to Dyeing

3 hour workshop Saturday July 18, 2020. 9:00-12 Noon.

How much water do I use? Hot or Cold Water? Can I dye just any yarn? Acid? What do you mean ACID? I don't know what I am doing! Will I get muddy colors? If you have a bazillion questions like these, fear not, and learn low water immersion dyeing and painting skeins!  We'll cover dyes, mixing, washing, fiber content, do I have to measure and more.  Just bring a sense of adventure, take some baby steps and leave with two skeins that you can brag on.


Skill Level? – None / Beginner

What do I need to bring to the class? – Pen or pencil, and should wear old clothes and comfortable shoes (not sandals), and an apron if desired.  Note - students need to be prepared to work outside for several hours (hot, cold, ran or shine).

What will the instructor provide? -  Skeins, dyes, dyeing equipment, gloves, class notes, and serious fun.

Class / Material Fee –  $95

Peggy Doney began spinning because of a neighbor's wheel and now is rarely seen without a spindle or a wheel at hand.  The creative process of fiber sliding through her fingers is what makes her heart sing.  She is always seeking something new to learn at her wheel or in the dye kitchen and believes that new adventures are best shared with others.

Spinning Artisan Yarns with Peggy Doney

3 hour workshop 

Sunday July 19, 2020. 9:00am - 12:00 Noon 

Spinning is painting a picture with the texture, crimp, luster, and colors of fiber.   This workshop goes beyond an introduction to variety of artisan spinning techniques to exploring the ways a yarn's elements interact. Begin your journey of spinning artisan yarns On Purpose.  Take what you know about basic spinning and add flair to it by learning how to spin slubs to create beautiful spirals.  Break out of chain plying and kick it up several notches to spin crepe.  And everybody LOVES seeing beehives pop out on skeins and finished pieces!  Join us as we create together using skill, color, and texture on purpose.

Skill Level - Moderate spinning skill.  Must be able to treadle consistently in both directions and know how to ply.

What do I need to bring to the class? Homework ~ There will NOT be a quiz, but the more you're ready, the more I'll be able to "show you!"

  1. Practice spinning slowly in both directions(no fiber, just your feet)

  2. Practice controlling your wheel. Different whorls grooves (bicycle gears) and speeds, start and stop, etc.

  3. Your wheel and you will need to be on speaking terms.

  4. Are you good at spinning thick yarn? Try spinning thin yarn.

  5. Are you good at spinning thin yarn? Try spinning some thick yarn.              

Be sure your wheel is in good working order.​

What will the instructor provide? - A variety of spinning fibers, add-ins and whatever else stows-away in my suitcases.

Class / Material Fee –  $75

Tammy is a forth-generation fiber artist who enjoys sharing her passion with everyone she meets. Her love of sheep, wool, writing, and inspiring others to learn led her on the path of running her own business, Goldieknots Montana, which specializes in Montana grown wool, locally processed yarn and spinning fiber, and Made in Montana handmade gift items, as well as educational programming in fiber arts, ranging from fiber preparation to completed projects which she lovingly refers to as “Fleece to Fashion.”

She participated in the Montana Art’s Council’s MAP Program in 2016 and has taught fiber-related classes throughout the United States. She is a current board member and newsletter editor of the Montana Association of Weavers and Spinners (MAWS), current member and past Secretary and Co-Chair of the Prairie Handspinners Guild in Billings, MT, a member and Secretary of the Lincoln Council for the Arts, and founder of the Lincoln Fiber Circle in her home town of Lincoln, MT.  Her teaching style is fun, creative, and interactive, and when she’s not in her studio creating or on the road teaching, you can find her writing articles for her local newspaper and spending time with her dogs, sheep, horse, and other barnyard critters.

Learn to Spin ~ Beginning Wheel Spinning

3 hour workshop,  Saturday July 18, 2020.  9:00am - 12:00 Noon

Have you ever wanted to learn how to spin your own yarn? It’s fun, it’s relaxing, and I can show you how! In this beginning class, you’ll learn about spinning methods, best fiber for beginning spinners, and basic wheel maintenance. We’ll start with spinning singles and then move into plying. By the time you leave, you will have a basic understanding and the skills to start spinning on your own. There is no experience needed and I’ll provide the fiber, tools, and a resource guide to get you on your way – you just bring yourself and your wheel.

Skill Levels – Beginner / No experience is needed

What do I need to bring to the class? – Students will need to bring their own spinning wheel with at least three empty bobbins and a lazy kate. Wheels must be in good working order and ready to use. (If you don't have a wheel please email the Festival we may have a couple to lend)

Instructor will provide – Fiber for spinning and resource guide with handouts, tips, and tricks. Additional supplies may be made available for an additional fee.

Class / Material Fee – $80

So Fine - Learning to Spin Lace Yarn on Your Wheel

3 hour class Saturday July 18, 2020 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Have you ever wanted to be able to spin a fine, laceweight yarn? Think it can’t be done on the wheel you have? Think again, because I bet I can show you how in this half-day fine spinning workshop! We’ll slow everything way down, and by the end of class, you’ll have a better understanding of what makes… and how to spin an even, fine single. Class participants should be able to already spin a consistent single and know how to ply.

Who can take this class? – Students must be proficient in spinning an even single and know how to ply. This is not a beginning spinning class.

What do students need to bring? – Students will need to bring their own spinning wheel with at least three empty bobbins and a lazy kate. Students must already know how to use their wheels and all wheels must be in good working order and ready to use. .

What will the instructor provide? – Fiber for spinning and resource guide with handouts, tips, and tricks. Additional supplies may be made available for an additional fee.

Class / Material fee –  $80

Anna Anderson ~ Her addiction to all things fiber began nearly 13 years ago with the rescue of a group of fiber goats and a free spinning wheel given to her by a neighbor. She lives in St.Regis, MT with her husband of 23 years and two adult children on our 200 acre ranch in the works. She spends her time processing fiber, teaching fiber art classes, vending at fiber events, and keeping the Wooly Rescue animals happy.

Drop spindle basics

2 Hour Workshop, Sunday July 19, 2020. 1:00pm- 3:00pm

Students will learn the basics of spinning their own unique yarn on the fancy stone drop spindle that they choose. You will learn to spin from roving, a small art batt of fiber, and even spin locks on your spindle. The spindle and fiber are yours to keep.

Skill Levels – Beginner / No experience is needed

What do I need bring to class? - Nothing

What will the teacher provide? –Instructions, a fancy stone spindle of your choice, roving, small batt of fiber Or rolag, and locks

Class / Material fee – $65

Anne Giuliano wandered far afield in her artist journey over the years. She has made fabric using batik techniques and hand dyeing. Quilted, made stained glass and fused glass. Anne became a fiber artist creating with spinning, weaving, dyeing, tatting and knitting. It was in the fiber arts that she found most of her early recognition and satisfaction. Many of her pieces were recognized at shows and exhibitions around the state – Montana Association of Weavers and Spinners conventions, Montana State Fairs in Billings and in Great Falls. Anne is a member of the Prairie Hand spinner's Guild.


Basic needle Tatting

3 Hour Workshop, Saturday July 18, 2020, 9:00am- 12:00 Noon

Learn basic needle tatting. The tools are simple and the stitches are easy to learn. With a tatting needle and crotchet cotton you can make a wide variety of decorative lace that can be used to embellish your handmade and purchased items. Objectives 1. Learn the basic stitches of Tatting 2. Complete two sample projects in class. 3. Leave with links to resources and further learning materials. 3. Leave with enough materials to start your own tatting adventure.

Skill Levels – Beginner / No experience is needed

What do I need bring to class? - Nothing

What will the teacher provide? – All the materials you will need to begin needle tatting as well as a handout with instructions and resources.

Class / Material fee – $70

Billy Maxwell~ He started dying in 1979 in a North Wilkesbough motel in North Carolina. It was then RIT (Rent It Tint) and porcupine quills. He has been dying since then with English woolens, bulrush, grasses, bone, silk, and hair. I was the historic researcher at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, USDA in Great Falls from 1998-'08.

Just Indigo

3 hour workshop, Saturday  July 18, 2020. 1:00pm-4pm. 

With just a touch of effort, you may never buy dye or heat above 111 degrees F to get the color of your dreams that will last the worst conditions. We will be dying a 6" swatch of wool flannel with a saved list (dye free selvage). This is piece dyeing that dates back to the Tudor era in England.

Skill Levels – Beginner / No experience is needed

What do I need bring to class? -  Gloves and wear old clothes or items that your brother cannot track back to you.

What will the teacher provide? – Indigo vat, madder vat, yellow vat, thermometer, ph paper, three 6" wide woolen samples, scales, sewing cord, girt webbing, needles, scissors, water vat, soap, dyes, and tons of information.


Class / Material fee – $65

2nd Workshop Added

Just Indigo ~on Sunday

3 hour workshop, Sunday  July 19, 2020. 9:00am-12 noon


Patti Barker is an award-winning felt wear designer, who enjoys teaching and sharing the wonders of felt making. All of her designs are produced with felted seams (no sewing).  The fabric and the garment are created simultaneously, using we felting techniques.  Patti earned a BA in Studio Art from Western Washington University.  She has exhibited in juried art shows since 2010.  Her work has been published in major fiber art magazines and she has taught felt making for over eight years.  For more information visit pattibarker.com Patti lives in the San Juan Islands with her husband, Rex and their parrot, Baby Huey.

Demystifying Felt Resists

6 hours, Saturday July 18, 2020. 9:00-4:00 with a hour lunch break

Learn several ways of using resists while making five different 3-D felted objects. Lesson includes how to use open, closed and layered resists. The five mini projects will teach how to make a felted seam, vessels, hats, feather features, volcano textures, and a flap purse.


Skill – No Prior experience required, however, felting is a vigorous activity and may include standing for long periods of time, and extensive use of hands and arms

What do I need to bring to the class? Bring at least 2 old towels you don't mind staining; one 2'x8' rubber mat with small holes; sharp full-sized scissors; four table risers (to help save your back)

What will the instructor provide? -  Five Mini kits with materials for all the projects mentioned above and printed handouts for each student

Class / Material Fee – $145

Nuno Felt Art Vest by Patti Barker

6 hour workshop 

Sunday July 19, 2020. 8:30- 3:00 with a half hour lunch break

Designed flat, this art vest is a great transition piece from shawls to wearables.  It can be created as a reversible vest, or any number of styles, which will be reviewed in class.  This art vest retails for $240

Skill Level - Some prior nuno felt experience is suggested, but not required.  This is a large (but really fun) project!

What do I need to bring to the class? Bring at least 2 old towels you don't mind staining; one 6'x9' rubber mat with small holes; a one gallon sprayer; sharp full-sized scissors; eight table risers (to help save your back)

What will the instructor provide? - Vest kits will include everything required to creating this project, including hand-painted silks, hand-dyed wool and embellishments, along with printed instructions.

Class / Material Fee –  $170


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